The Duluth Firefighter’s Mutual Aid Association

Will my extinguisher really work if we ever have a fire? Will I pass the city’s inspection of the fire extinguishers I’m required to have? We recently used our fire extinguisher, now what do we do? 

If you find yourself asking any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Duluth Firefighter’s Mutual Aid Association. We’re a non-profit focused on keeping businesses and homes safe in Duluth, Cloquet, Hermantown, Esko and surrounding areas.

As firefighters in the Twin Ports area, all of us know first hand the importance of having a certified fire extinguisher on hand in your home or business. That’s why all of our services are focused on making sure you have a safe fire extinguisher in key locations in your building.

Whether you’re purchasing a new fire extinguisher for the first time, or need an expert to recharge and test an extinguisher that has been used, give us a call at (218)-722-6271 or email us. We’d love to help you.